Critic: Tei Carpenter 
Fall 2016  

Heat map showing the density of art events in New York City
overlaid with the projected flood line of 2050s

The artist-in-residence pier project responds to two urban-scale observations: the lack of formal art activities along the East River and the projected 2050’s flood zone due to climate change and sea level rise. Formally, the design superimposes a second layer of concave, terraced ground on the extension of the existing park ground, creating three distinctive yet interconnected spaces: an artist-in-residence program, a public art gallery, and an eco-pool.

an interplay between
the upper and
the lower grounds

Exploded axonometric drawing depicting the anchoring of the upper ground

The eco-pool employs a filtration system to filter the river water to be used in the pool and thus becomes a physical record of the water level change. Seven north-facing artist residences and studios anchor the upper ground to the lower, where eco-related artwork exhibits in both outdoor and indoor exhibition spaces.
Section showing the pier being a permanent physical record of the water level change



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