Significant Void

oil on panel, 36”x80”

Birth, oil on panel, 36”x36”
Water Well, oil on panel, 42”x44”
Kaleido-Box, oil on panel, 38”x45” Desert, Desolation, Death, oil on panel, 42”x44”


oil on panel

Inspired by Powers of Ten (1977) and named after the
mathematical model of the same name, Spacetime explores three levels of transformation. First, the panels go through physical transformation while maintaining a constant area. Second, the viewpoint of observers moves in all four dimensions including time. Finally, the subject matter matter progresses from bith, represented here by a shoal of fish, to death, as in an abandoned house in the Namibian desert. 

The Rule

oil on panel

This series of paintings was inspired by a personal interest in mathematics. Each work began with a rule that was strictly followed through precise measuring and tapping. I then liberate the painting from such confinement through instinctive and sometimes, spontaneous brushwork, allowing the image to convey messages beyond the pure mathematical concept that it had begun with.

Pentagram Map, oil on panel, 32”x24”

2, 3, 5, 7, ..., oil on panel, 24”x32”

How to Kill a Painting, oil on panel, 30”x45”

Re-imagining Landscape

This multimedia project records the landscape that is constantly changing and is invisible to the eye. The project began with marker drawing on paper, then progressed to oil painiting, glass fusing, and finally digital photography. During each of the four phases, a new landscape was created while the view port in the real world remained the same. 

Boundary, oil on canvas, 48”x72”
Day for Night, marker on paper, 48”x72”

Untitled, fused glass, 12”x18”


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