JPDA Internship  
Collaborators: JPDA, MESH Architectures  
Summer 2017  

Site intervention: a trefoil written into the landscape

The world’s first writers pressed, stamped, and scratched simple marks into malleable surfaces. Over multiple milennia, characters have continually evolved as their users retrace their forms onto new materials. The National Museum of World Writing references this history by carving a trefoil, a shape created from an infinite gesture, into the landscape of Songdo Central Park.

a swirling concrete
glyph encircling 
all museum functions

Floor plans: the wall thickens, lifts, and lowers to allow for structural cores, entrances into the structure, and habitable roofspace

Permanent exhibition sequence tracing the trefoil and rising to the light

Sectional perspective showing the interweaving of
the museum, library, and archive experiences

Interior renderings showing the wide range of programs encompassed by the concrete wall

Exterior renderings showing the juxtaposition of 
the digital media dome and the concrete glyph



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