Critic: Galia Solomonoff  
Collaborator: Andrew Keung  
Fall 2017  

Massing model exploring building morphology and
different ways to connect private dwelling units

The Extended Dwellings responds to the failure of the towers-in-the-park typology by calibrating the intricate balance between collectiveness and individuality. Three tiers of public spaces are implemented, fostering a stronger sense of community:
1. the multiplication of the ground plane linking the residential towers as macro-shared space;
2. the insertion of public programs in-between the vertical blocks as meso-shared space;
3. the decentralization of core elements which enables more intimate micro-shared space.

Isometric drawing showing the macro-shared space:
elevated grounds connecting residential towers

Site plan

Winter rendering showing the layering of multiplied grounds and
ground land the interconnected residential towers

Movable panels not only
customize dwelling spaces,
but also function as an external expression of individuality.

Floor plans showing unit configurations, the decentralized core, and
the flexible use of the micro-shared spaces

Sectional model showing one of the residential towers with movable panels and
varies circulation paths from the tower to the elevated grounds

Staggered section showing all three tiers of shared spaces with a experiential gradient from public to intimate




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