Critic: Laurie Hawkinson  
Fall 2018  

The City’s reliance on imported water
Los Angeles finds itself in a love-hate relationship with water. On the one hand, it imports over 88 percent of its water from Northern California and the Colorado River. On the other hand, Los Angeles River discharges more than 10 billion cubic feet of treated wastewater and urban runoff into the Pacific Ocean every year. By reimagining the City’s relationship with the River, a 51-mile urban farm is created, adding an additional buffer zone in the dense urban fabric, growing enough procude to feed its city, and engaging city dwellers of all background.

If we capture all the runoff water in the LA River, could LA grow enough produce to feed its city?

Section documenting various edge conditions and the water story
Final model showing the layering of site systems: surfaces, lines, point grids, major elements and final layer.



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